Apricot Oil

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  • Skin: Essential oil of apricot is used in the treatment of skin conditions such as scabies, itching, eczema, and psoriasis. Facial masks and lip care products use apricot oil for its restorative properties.
  • Carrier oil: Aromatherapy uses apricot oil for massages. It blends well with essential oils such as chamomile, rose, lilac and jasmine forming very mild massage oil.
  • Healing Sickness: Few drops of apricot oil are used in the treatment of earaches. The British used the oil for stomach ulcers. The oil is used to treat respiratory problems such as bronchitis. Even constipation can be treated with the oil
  • Apricot kernel oil is good for people with sensitive skin. It is non-irritant and soothing for the skin. It is light and quickly makes the skin soft and smooth. Apricot oil percolates deep into the skin.
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Apricot Oil

Apricot oil helps to improve skin tone, nourish the skin and lower the appearance of aging signs, like wrinkles, lines and blemishes. However, this oil should be avoided by people who are suffering from acne or are prone to acne.

apricot oil

apricot kernel oil has become a common ingredient found in many creams, soaps, lotions and other beauty products. The benefits of using apricot oil for the skin includes:


The rehydrating properties in apricot oil make it a natural moisturizer for any type of skin. This oil is light and does not leave a greasy coat on the skin, after use. Many women avoid using commercial moisturizers, especially if they have oily skin. However, whether you have balanced skin, oily skin or reactive skin, you can keep it well moisturized with some light apricot kernel oil. You can either add a few drops of this oil to your face serum, or prepare a mixture of apricot and olive oil for your face.


The high Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) content present in apricot oil enables your skin to maintain its moisture balance. This acid also helps tone and firm up your skin. The Vitamin A and Vitamin E present in apricot oil slow down the signs of ageing. Since this oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to soothe minor skin conditions, like eczema.


Unlike other oils that stay on the surface of the skin, apricot kernel oil is quickly absorbed by your skin, which helps lubricate it internally. This oil is often used in face creams, body lotions and lip balms. However, you could also use it regularly, in the form of massage oil. Because organic apricot kernel oil is light, gentle, mild and non-irritating, it can also be used for children and babies.

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